We act for the creation of frames and networks that help link academics with policy-makers and practitioners, channels which could help direct research efforts to areas where vital gaps exist and where more research in peacebuilding and sustainable development is needed.

We identify the various stabilization peacebuilding and sustainable development vectors (local peace building and sustainable development youth organisations and activities, governance structures, schools, health centers, etc) by collecting data on a local level, partnering with local stakeholders (local authorities, civil society, youth organisations).

We design ideal monitoring tool for sustainable development goals in collaboration with national and local authorities, and including young people at the local level through systems of detection and signalization via mobile phones aiming at mobilizing youth to implement a tailored response in order to re-establish stability while ensuring a focus on the inclusion of women & children and facilitate knowledge and resource exchange.

We conduct and encourage studies that are embedded into a larger volunteering scheme, whereby volunteers from international non-governmental youth organisations join local organisations, and local volunteers go into existing structures of the former in another country, both intra- and intercontinental.

We are committed to create and provide open and accessible online courses on social and economic use of digital technologies and data. That includes the promotion of virtual exchange of good practices within the network and joint communication and exchanges among and between beneficiaries.

We promote digital skills at the earliest stages of education, focused on primary and secondary education, to unleash the potential of digital technology in the community through education, training and support programs for youth, including investments in digital connectivity, and to promote local, continental and intercontinental dialogue on digitalization in education, involving both public and private actors.